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A production company and no.1 platform for opportunities and digital content with a Latin touch.

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What we do


We create a variety of content from shorts, monologues, drama-series, alongside creating opportunities for people interested in starting a career within the film and entertainment industry.

Film Network Events

We establish a dynamic space for Loco Filmmakers to showcase their work, foster collaborations, and spotlight emerging artists like singers and poets. The culmination is a lively Latin party that celebrates our collective creativity and diversity.


We bring a collection of workshops to provide information, skills and value to the community with professionals in the creative industry such as: stage combat, sword fighting, voice over, how to make your short film, scriptwriting and more.

We create opportunities for the Latin American community within the film and digital content industry in the UK.

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What people are saying

"I had the privilege of working with Film Locos on the Latin American Monologues. The entire crew were highly committed to the project since day one. It was a friendly and professional atmosphere. The audition process was highly enjoyable and I am very grateful I had the opportunity to work with them."
Valeria Rodriguez Cedillo
"Having the Filmlocos monologues be part of Latin American Heritage Month was something truly rewarding for the Latin American Community, especially for the young people in the community. It gave a voice to many who often don't speak up. Young people are not used to seeing Latin American Actors on TV, and FilmLocos challenges this issue."
Claudia Lopez-Prieto
EAL Raising Achievement Coordinator Saint Gabriel's College
"Writing projects for Film Locos has been an incredible experience. From its inception, this company is committed to changing the narrative of what we are used to seeing in television and film. Daring to be different, dynamic & diverse."
Reuben Messiah


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