Film Locos is a production company and platform that focuses on bringing representation to the Latin American community in the UK  – In front and behind the cameras! 

Film Locos was created by Victor Rios, an Actor and a Latino himself who started creating videos for the past decade and has worked as a filmmaker and theatre facilitator in the communities of London. Identifying the lack of representation of this group, he began this journey to give voice to the Latin Community in the film industry and beyond.

But also discovered that there were a bunch of Locos (crazy) who were also storytellers and connected with that latin style of telling stories, so he made a home for them in his projects.


We want to champion the Latin American talent in the United Kingdom and Europe by creating and showcasing the work of media content of those artists, as well as produce content that can enhance and highlight the reality of our lives as Latin Americans in the UK, we are not tourists, zumba instructors and narcos only.

With our content, we want to challenge how the film industry portrays us and to give a voice to our community and empower them by telling our own stories.


Víctor Ríos


Victor Rios is a Bolivian-born British Actor & Theatre/ Film Facilitator, residing in London since his adolescence, Victor founded Filmlocos as an act against the lack of representation of Latin American stories in the film industry. He has produced shorts films and projects that involve the community with refugees, migrants, adults with learning disabilities using participatory arts. Furthermore, he runs Three Blokes Productions which makes corporate and educational content for businesses and organisations.

Film Locos Associates & Partners

Raquel Arraes

Associate Producer - London

Raquel Arraes is a professional actor born in São Paulo, Brazil.

She’s been in the industry for over 20 years, graduated from Incenna theatre, tv and cinema School in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

She contributed to many plays such as Depressions adaptation of Herta Muller’s book, Award Winner of the best play in 2011.

Also played many characters from Brecht and Nelson Rodrigues. In the tv industry has participated in big productions Game of Thrones, Red Rock and contributed in the independent film Irish and British industry. 

She produced, directed, wrote and acted in her first short film called I am Frida Kahlo which was awarded Best Experimental Film by Falcon International Film Festival and selected for Lift OFF Film Festival.

She is Project Manager of Film Locos and hosts the CommunEating Program/ Podcast of Film Locos Youtube Channel.

She is represented by Mac & Jeal agency.

Andrea Pérez

Associate Producer - Manchester

Andrea is a producer/ filmmaker Originally from Caracas, Venezuela.

She has a Masters degree in TV Drama Production and started making films at a very young age after being inspired by the behind the scenes of  “The Matrix”. Andrea has made many short films, and she loves helping people make their films come true. Andrea’s motto in life is “It’s worth dreaming.” She’s also a screenwriter and overall creative. She’s inspired by people and by the stories of underrepresented communities.

Sammy Attalah

Associate Producer

Sammy trained as an actor at Mountview Academy of Theatre of arts graduating in 2016. He has been part of a range of theatre productions off the west end. He is the founder of Untold Collectiv and recently curated the Latin American Season at The Actors Centre

Rauni Barros Da Silva

Associate Film Director

A Brazilian filmmaker based in Oxford with a background in broadcasting as well as Directing film and television. He started True Vision Features, a production company based in Oxford as a way to fill a gap in short cinematic productions within Oxfordshire. Having a passion for film, untold storytelling, narrative and vivid colours, Rauni has taken inspiration from directors such as Terrence Malik and Christopher Nolan as well as Cinematographers like Emmanuel Lubezki.

Mauro Pedretti

Associate Filmmaker

Mauro was born in Peru but grew up in Italy. He studied and worked in Rome as a digital content creator for the corporate world.

Following his passion for cinema, he moved to London to study filmmaking, where he has been living for over two years.

Karlina Veras

Associate Writer

British Latinx writer and film director from the Dominican Republic. She’s the author of the short story collection Yunyún (pa ‘ la calor) which has been translated into Italian as Yunyun (granite contro il calore) and in English as Sky Juice (keeps you cool), the short story collection The method of chulimameo, the novella La Mansa and the book of poems Blubber Girl. Her work has been published in the literary magazines Perro Negro, Mookychick, Candela Review and Powderzine. Her stories and poems have been included in various anthologies, such as Poets versus Sexual Harassment, Lips of Unfamiliar Skin, and Archipiélago Inverosímil. Karlina has written several film projects, including the short films, The One in the Mirror, La Viralata, Pretty Fly for a Doña and On the 9th, of which the last two have been directed by her. She has experience in other fields such as visual arts, music, advertising and media broadcasting. She lives in London since 2006.


Associate Filmmaker

Cortney is a Polynesian Italian director from new Zealand. He is currently a commercial Director at Preen and his online content has over 30 million views and counting, which is 10 million fewer than what his brother finds impressive