Notícias em PORTUGUÊS

“Pela primeira vez no Reino Unido, a plataforma Film Locos, que reúne latino-americanos nas áreas de cinema e conteúdo digital, assume o desafio de produzir e filmar seis curtas-metragens, com o objetivo de trazer mais representação para a comunidade do país.” – PAGE 3

Express News 986

“El equipo de FilmLocos ha estado trabajando duro y uniendo fuerzas conlatinoamericanos de diferentes partes del Reino Unido como Manchester, Oxford,Londres y Dublín”, según una nota de prensa, en la que se comenta que las películasse están rodando este mes de junio, en Londres y Oxford.” – PAGE 22

Casting Call – Joey Young Latino Slick-talking Street Hustler

Set late 80s New York Joey, a young slick-talking street hustler, and his best friend Mike, a young talented boxer. Sell a painting on behalf of Joey’s boss in a backstreet meeting with Nick, an impulsive art dealer. Watched by crooked cops on the payroll for safety, Joey and Mike banter argue and are caught […]

Monologue – Agua Passada

Caio Cortonesi is a Brazilian film director whom produced and performed this lovely monologue as part of a project by poet Mauricio Witczak.


Eva is the ultimate girlfriend as she does everything he says without answering back until… Sci-fi Short film produced by Esteban Gamba and Directed by Cesar Rosero.

Depression is NOT A GAME

A short film talking about depression in the time of lockdown, Celeste devises a lovely abstract visual short film that highlights the feelings of many during this time.


First Sundance Film Festival Winning Short Film in London 2012 – starring Colombian British actor Cristian Cardenas.

Clapping in Cheap Clothes

The reflection of our childhood, when things seem magical or like a Toys-R-Us advert. Now everything seems smaller as we are adults, but we dream that one day we will make it! Starring Cristina Montez, Theo Toksvig Stewart and Bryan Valery.

He Smiled

Trent is a man who seems to be happy to have a sinister and dark secret. “He Smiled” was written by Reuben Massiah and Directed by Lucas Pelizaro, produced by Louise Brabrand for Filmlocos. Staring Victor Rios, Nathaniel Wade & Diogo Sales.

Filmlocos Table Read on Untold Collectiv

Want to be part of the first table read at @untoldcollectiv for some short films we are producing? then have a look at the descriptions and send us an email, Some interesting characters and great short films to be produced this summer! If you don’t fit the character but still want to listen to the […]