The film explores the life of Beto (played by Victor Rios), a devoted older brother born in Bolivia but raised in London, who sacrificed his dreams to care for his younger sister, Nena (portrayed by Emylie Flores), born in London and aspiring dancer at the cusp of adolescence, struggling with her curiosity and maturity. Their journey unfolds, interweaving dreams, love, and the emotional legacy of their mother’s passing. The clash between Beto’s unwavering dedication to family and Nena’s ambition to honor their mother’s memory forms the core of this enchanting story, as they seek to strike a balance that keeps their family bond intact.

2023 – Currently on Festivals

Director: Fillipe Lezo

DOP:Jannis Newiadomsky

Writer: Victor Rios / Fillipe Lezo

Producers:  Victor Rios, Mike Marks, Bianca Laurella, Diego Chavez


Beto: Victor Rios

Nena: Emylie Flores

Marti: Igor Hiszczynski

Luis: Jake Valentino

Beto & Nena - Trailer