Film locos at the Central Film School

Our mini-tour of our Latin American Shorts: S1 across London continues. On the 22nd of September, we had another intimate and lovely screening for special guests and business partners. Some of these include the filmmaker Ricky Payne, a great collaborator in this project, along with the owners of the Latin owned production company Hmies Productions, Manuel Suarez and Cristian Soria.

This second London screening took place at the Central Film School in East London, thanks to Mauro Pedretti for their generosity in granting us to obtain the space for this purpose.

It was a lovely afternoon in which, again, a small group of professionals in the entertainment industry had the opportunity to see the great work we, as a platform for showcasing and giving opportunities to Latin American people in the UK, have been doing for the past couple of years.

Photos by Maria Camilla photography.

Written article by: Karlina Veras