Film Locos Gala Night – Beto & Nena

An incredible night of films, performances and parties, with a latin touch.

On a starry night filled with anticipation, the Film Locos Gala Night unfolded as a spectacular celebration of cinema and Latin culture. Victor Rios the founder of Film Locos started the night with some words about the journey of Film Locos and becoming a production company this year, with 150 enthusiastic attendees, the event promised an unforgettable fusion of film, dance, and music. Hosted by the Film Locos with Sammy Attalah as the main Host of the event, a diverse group of filmmakers, the night centred around the private screening of the heartwarming short film “Beto & Nena.” The Gala Night was not just an event, it was an immersive journey into the soul of Latin America in the UK.

A Night of Cinematic Delights:

The main attraction of the evening was the screening of “Beto & Nena,” a poignant story that unfolded the lives of Bolivian siblings through the lens of Salay dance. Beto’s dedication to family and Nena’s ambition to honour her mother’s legacy created a captivating narrative that resonated with the audience. The film served as the cornerstone of a series of short films, each offering a unique narrative and cultural richness produced by Film Locos from different corners of the UK. Introduced by Director Fillipe Lezo and Victor Rios.

The success of “Beto & Nena” owes much to the dedicated team of Producers, including Mike Marks, Bianca Laurella, Diego Chavez, and Victor Rios, as well as the unwavering support of executive producers Felype Campos and Igor Hiszczynski. A diverse group of filmmakers and cast members from various backgrounds contributed their time and effort to bring the film to life, with notable mentions including DOP Jannis Newiadomsky, Ricardo Cerolini, Felipe Arguello, Manuel Suarez, Red Thake, Jimmy Ferrufino, Geraldine Zapata, Marco Petulla, Jenny Bills, and a talented cast of actors: Emylie Flores, Igor Hiszczynski, Jake Valentino, Albert Giannitelli, Debbie Frascino, Patrick Vel, Mark Reeves, Josua Urban & Patryck koronkiewicz.

A collection of short films from around the UK:

The short films included “Dating” from Ireland, an exploration of decisions in modern dating; “Full of Love” from Oxford, a lovely tale about love maturing with age; and “Thou Shalt Not Seduce Nuns” from London, a proof-of-concept film infused with the salsa rhythms of Hector Lavoe and shot on a vintage 16mm camera. Filmmakers and actors presented the films; Sammy Attalah, Rauni Barros, Fabiane Lezo, Jean-Paul Arroyave and Ralph Roque.

An Explosion of Dance and Music:

The Gala Night went beyond the screen, diving into the heart of Bolivian culture with captivating Salay and Caporales dance performances. The rhythmic footwork and graceful moves told tales of the highlands and mining heritage, creating an electrifying atmosphere. Attendees were transported to the heart of Bolivia, where dance and music are woven into the nation’s identity, showcasing the power of cultural expression through movement. Salay Jatun Masis London & Caporales Centralistas San Miguel London.

A Night of Latin Rhythms:

As the night progressed, the beats of reggaeton took centre stage, inviting attendees to let loose and dance. The Latin-style party that followed the screenings and performances was a fitting tribute to the magic of cinema and culture. The dance floor came alive with infectious energy, creating an atmosphere of celebration that echoed the vibrant spirit of Latin America.

Balboa & Ramel, Jeyzz and Jery Rivera

The meticulously planned program ensured a seamless flow of events, from the welcoming reception and captivating dance performances to the film screenings and a surprise appearance by guest Igor Hiszczynski giving a speech. The night culminated in a lively Latin-style party that kept the celebration alive until the early hours.

In conclusion, the Film Locos Gala Night was more than just an event; it was a sensory journey that left attendees with a deep appreciation for the diversity of Latin culture and the transformative power of cinema. Until the next cinematic adventure, let the echoes of the Salay dance and reggaeton beats linger, reminding us of a night where film and culture intertwined in perfect harmony.

and here are some photos of the attendees and the latin party!

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Written article by: Victor Rios