Filmlocos at Instituto Cervantes, Manchester

On Thursday 10th of March, we had the amazing opportunity to showcase
our short films at Instituto Cervantes. It was an incredible opportunity to
connect with the Manchester Latin-American community and join forces
with a local business, a local singer and Mexican traditional dancers.

Pedro Eusebio the director of Instituto Cervantes and Carlos Pulpillo- Leiva granted us a lot of help and support.
On the day we had a full house of fifty people, including Cecilia Ramos a local radio personality who runs Somos con cr voice of Manchester.

The event began with an introduction from Pedro Eusebio Cuesta the director of Cervantes, then our amazing CEO Victor Rios, continued by the sponsors Miriam Gomes,

Tapaz Restaurant & Bar and Th3 Guy’s

After the fantastic music of Renato Tavora, we showed the short film; “500” produced by victor Rios and Andrew Marv where Victor was featured as an actor, the short film was about human traffic in the UK, and “I am Frida Kahlo” a film about women’s celebration and a tribute to Frida, the whole film was made by women. We had a short break where all our attendees were able to eat and enjoy the drinks from our sponsors, as well as network.

Following the break, we watched Filmlocos season 1 short films. 

Thanks again for all your support to our sponsors, and volunteers such as Lola and Ana Moraes. 

  • You’re Just My Type, directed by Peruvian Mauro Pedretti 
  • Pretty Fly for a Doña, directed by Dominican Karlina Veras
  • Hands-On, directed by Brazilian Raquel Arraes
  • Closer Than Ever, directed by Bolivian Victor Rios
  • The One in the Mirror, directed by Brazilian Rauni Barros da Silva
  • Over a Bottle of Rosé, directed by New Zealander Cortney Stowers 

Overall, it was an unforgettable night that made an impact on the local public, making them excited to see more similar events and short films in the region, and excited to collaborate with one another and produce interesting narratives.

We are proud of the hard work of everybody that participated on that night and we hope to continue making Britain a home of opportunities for people from all backgrounds.

For more information, follow us on all socials @filmlocos.