Latin American Monologues (Collaboration with Untold Collectiv)

Bella Mama

A mother’s love is unconditional, or so they say. In Bella Mama, a woman comes to terms with her mother’s maternal abandonment. She finally finds the courage to speak with her mother at her bedside.

2020 – Completed

Written by: Hassan Govia

Starring: Jimena Larraguivel

Directed: Victor Rios & SammyAttalah

DoP: Kevin J Arias

Producer: Victor Rios & Sammy Attalah

Line Producer: Celeste Gill

Sound: Pablo Costa

The project was curated by Victor Rios (Filmlocos) and Sammy Attalah (Untold Collectiv). They looked for monologues that explored the unique challenges of what it is like living in London as a Latin American. Out of a multitude of submissions, five female stories were selected.

The reason we chose 5 female stories is because it tends to be women in many societies that are depicted in two dimensional ways. With the monologue project we wanted to challenge gender stereotypes and show women as they are; and not defined how men see them.

Watch the behind the scenes done by Celeste Gill and La Van Digital.