Latin American shorts season 1 – Gasworks Art Gallery screening

On the past 18th September, we had the opportunity to showcase for the first time the films created for our Latin American Shorts: S1. It was a very intimate event at the beautiful gallery Gasworks London, located in the heart of Vauxhall. The cast and crew attended the screening alongside distinguished guests from the entertainment industry in the UK.  These include Netflix Awards Manager, EMEA at Netflix, Brazilian Model and influencer Danubia Sousa, Julia Alexssandra and influencer Flavio Dicas.

We want to give sincere thanks to Andrea Francke, the Participation Project Manager at Gasworks for granting us the space to share our hard work. 

The short films presented were: 

The venue was decorated and catered by Sandra Griffiths Events, with bright colours and flowers, and various snacks from Brazil such as coxinhas e brigadeiros and even Caviar! 

  • Hands-On directed by the Brazilian Raquel Arraes
  • Over a Bottle of Rosé directed by New Zealander Cortney Stowers 
  • Closer Than Ever directed by Bolivian Victor Rios
  • Pretty Fly for a Doña directed by Dominican Karlina Veras
  • You’re Just My Type directed by Peruvian Mauro Pedretti 
  • The One in the Mirror directed by Brazilian Rauni Barros da Silva

We are very proud of the result of all the hard work that has taken place to produce these six shorts, and we can’t wait to continue to share them with you all. Follow us on all socials at @filmlocos to keep up with all our projects and events.

For more information about the gallery:

Photos by: Kevin J. Arias (@kevinmeid)

Written article by: Karlina Veras