What we do


We create a variety of content from shorts, monologues, drama-series, alongside creating opportunity for people interesting in starting a career within the filming industry.

Film Network Events

We cultivate a vibrant platform that serves as a gathering ground for fellow Loco Filmmakers, providing them with the opportunity to not only showcase their cinematic masterpieces but also to forge meaningful connections for collaborative ventures. In the spotlight, we feature emerging artists spanning a diverse spectrum, including singers, poets, and more, allowing them to shine and introduce their talents to an enthusiastic audience. Culminating in a spirited Latin party, we cap off our nights with a jubilant celebration of creativity and diversity, where we revel in the rich tapestry of artistic expression that binds us together.


We know that making films isn’t cheap, therefore we are bringing a collection of workshops to provide information and skills to our community of creatives with professionals in the industry such as; stage combat, sword fighting, voice over, how to make your short film, script writing and more.